Unknown cemetery
Hawk Creek Township
Twp 114/115, Range 38, Section 27, SENW

Unknown cemetery with church
Wang Township
Twp 116, Range 38, Section 9, NENE

Beaver Falls Cemetery
443503N   0950315W
Redwood Falls, MN

Birch Cooley Cemetery
443412N 0945521W
Morton, MN

Calgary Cemetery
444234N  0951213W
Vicksburg, MN

Catholic Cemetery
444418N 0944314W
Hector, MN

Danube Cemetery
444653N 0950546W
Danube, MN

Ebenezer Cemetery
444631N 0952038W
Sacred Heart, MN

Emden Cemetery
445218N 0951425W
Renville, MN

Evangelical Cemetery
444441N 0943701W
Buffalo Lake

Evergreen Cemetery
445002N 0943550W
Lake Allie, MN

Fairview Cemetery
444811N 0951218W
Renville, MN

Finnish Cemetery
443229N 0944910W
Morton, MN

First English Cemetery
444640N 0952136W
Sacred Heart, MN
Franklin Cemetery
443057N 0945045W
Morton, MN

Hauges Cemetery
443105N 0944818W
Morton, MN

Hector Cemetery
444350N 0944320W
Hector, MN

Church of Hope Cemetery
Section 15
Osceolla Township

Krogfus Cemetery
445047N 0951805W
Sacred Heart, MN

Olivia Cemetery
444624N 0950023W
Danube, MN

Our Saviors Cemetery
444657N 0952108W
Sacred Heart, MN

Saint Andrews  Cemetery
443228N 0944321W
Fairfax, MN

Saint Johns Cemetery
443228N 0944316W
Fairfax, MN

Saint Mary's Cemetery
Bird Island, MN

Saint Paul Cemetery
444422N 0944646W
Morton, MN

Saint Pauls Cemetery
444530N 0944355W
Churchill, MN

Trinity Cemetery
444634N 0952137W
Sacred Heart, MN

United Brethren Cemetery
444536N 0950659W
Danube, MN

Winfield Cemetery
445026N 0950554W
Danube, MN

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